We strive to live a reality based in a belief that positive things can happen when the community, the corporate sector and organization leaders join together to invest in our future

Any Baby Can

In the last seven years, the ESCO foundation has donated over $105,000 to the Any Baby Can Family Literacy and Parenting Education Programs as well as Children's Hearing Aid Texas (CHAT). "We continue to support Any Baby Can because it works with deserving children and families in need, here in Central Texas, where our employees live and work," said Bruce Butler, President of ETS-Lindgren.

Mobile Loaves and Fishes

ETS-Lindgren has donated over $40,000 and numerous hours of employee volunteer efforts in the construction of the 27-acre Community First Village. This facility will provide affordable, sustainable housing for the disabled and chronically homeless in Central Texas.

ESCO Foundation

The ESCO Technologies Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to charities and others in need. The Foundation's goal is to make a measurable difference to each respective charity. ESCO Technologies focuses these efforts to improve the life and well being of all employees, as well as children and families in communities where they have operations. As the Foundation continues to grow new charities are being added to the core group of charities.