Healthcare Industry

ETS-Lindgren is one of the unsung heroes in healthcare, providing shielding solutions for facilities that house one of medicine’s most powerful diagnostic tools – Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanners. 

Computerized MRI scanners, however, only provide reliable images if they’re shielded from the interference frequently found in urban and office environments, and this is exactly what ETS-Lindgren provides. Our specialized team is highly skilled at developing and assembling both passive and active shielding systems, as well as components, for new treatment rooms and retrofitted facilities. As the clear industry leader, ETS-Lindgren was recently tapped to help develop a new type of intra-operative suite that allows MRI scans and surgical procedures to be done in the same room.  In addition, the introduction of a new MRI door in the EVO Series with an STC rating of 49 is proof that ETS-Lindgren is building momentum in the health and safety arenas.

As healthcare imaging technology continues to advance, ETS-Lindgren will be there with products that ensure physicians can see and treat the human condition.

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