ETS-Lindgren's Model HI-6006 Electric Field Probe is a fully intelligent sensor enabling fast and accurate EMF measurements with industry-leading performance specifications. Optical coupling to a variety of readout options makes this probe ideally suited for a wide range of field monitoring applications.

Designed to be single range reading, the HI-6006 RF field probe can read data continuously over the entire dynamic range. Data values for each axis (X, Y, and Z) can be read individually or summed.

A unique feature of the HI-6006 is the field-replaceable battery. This battery allows the user to replace the battery when necessary, without requiring additional calibration. Simple in-field synchronization of the HI-6006 is all that is required for proper battery level monitoring.

The HI-6100 Field Monitor provides manual functions and programmed control via IEEE-488 and RS-232 Serial Data Interfaces. Readings from up to four field probes can be displayed simultaneously.

The EMCenter™ Modular RF Platform along with the EMSense™ interface card can be used with the HI-6000 series field probes as a field monitor in addition to its capability as a system level platform.​​​

For direct connection to a PC, either the HI-4413P Serial or the HI-4413USB interfaces are available.

Key Product Information

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Detection: Isotropic (X, Y and Z Axis Readings)
Frequency Range: 100 kHz to 6 GHz
Frequency Response: (Typical)
  • 500 kHz to 2 GHz +1.0, -2.5 dB
  • 2 to 5.5 GHz +3.5, -4.5 dB
  • 5.5 to 6 GHz +2.0, -6.0 dB

Frequency Response with Correction: 100 kHz to 6 GHz ± 0.9 dB
Dynamic Range: 0.5 to 800 V/m (Single Range)
Resolution: 0.01 V/m
Isotropic Deviation: ± 0.5 dB @ 400 MHz
Linearity: ± 0.5 dB (1 to 800 V/m)  
Sample Rate (Typical): 70 Samples/Second Maximum
Overload Withstand: >1500 V/m CW

Physical Interface: Duplex Optical Fiber (200 Micron Multimode); FSMA Connectors. Integral 1m Optical Cable
Battery: 4.8 V NiMH, up to 8 Hours of operation
Battery Charger: 100-240 VAC Universal Input; 3-Hour Charge from Full Depletion
Cubical Housing Height: 32 mm (1.26 in) 
Sensor Protection Caps Height: 43 mm (1.69 in) 
Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz) 
Mounting: 1/4" 20 - UNC Internal Thread
  • HI-6006 Probe
  • A2LA Traceable Calibration Report
  • Carrying Case
  • Bulkhead Connector (2)
  • Fast Battery Charger/Battery Synchronizer
  • 10 m Optical Cable
  • Spare Screws for Battery Hatch
  • Manual
  • Optical Modem for Connection to PC Serial Port (HI-4413P)
  • Optical Modem for Connection to PC USB Port (HI-4413USB)
  • EMCenter Interface Card (125446)
  • HI-6100 Field Monitor Interface Card (H-491277)
  • Optical Cable Extensions to 50 m (H-491106-xx)
  • Probe Stand Assembly (H-491269)
  • Extra Probe Carriers for Above Probe Stand (H-491276)

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Key Features

  • Frequency Response: 100 kHz to 6 GHz 
  • Dynamic Range: 0.5 to 800 V/m 
  • Provides Individual and Summed Axis Values
  • A2LA Accredited Calibration Report 
  • Suitable for MIL Standard Specs:
    • MIL-STD 461F Radiated Susceptibility (RS) 
  • Suitable for Automotive Specs1:
    •  SAE J1113/27
    • GMW 3091/3097/3103
    • FORD FMC 1278
  • Suitable for Commercial Specs:
    • EN/IEC61000-4-3 Radiated Immunity
1 For High Field and High Frequency Requirements, the HI-6053 is Recommended

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