ETS-Lindgren's Model HI-3638 VLF/ELF Electric Field Meter is a EMF meter that has full ELF (extremely low frequency) and VLF (very low frequency) capability to the Swedish MPR and the IEEE 1140 test requirements in a single meter, making electric field testing quick and simple.

The HI-3638 sensor is fully isolated from the readout device (HI-4416 numeric handheld readout or HI-4413USB Optical Modem) by up to 100 meters of fiber optic cable. To assist users in automating the test session and analyzing the test data, ProbeView™ II EMF Analysis Software can be used in conjunction with the HI-3638 when connected to a PC. 

The instrument demonstrates wide applicability from low field measurements higher field environments such as near power transmission lines and industrial locations.

NOTE: Tripod not included.

Key Product Information

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Accuracy: ± 0.75 dB (at Calibration Frequencies) 
Battery: NiCad, 12 V, Approx. 40 Hours Operation on Full Charge
Operating Time: 40 Hours with Full Charge
Detection: Single Axis 
Dynamic Range: 1.0 V/m to 40 kV/m (Each Band) 
Frequency Response: Band 1 (ELF): 5 to 2000 Hz, -3 dB;
Band II (VLF): 2 to 400 kHz, -3 dB 
Response: True RMS   

​Sensor Dimensions (Height x Depth): 305mm x 102 mm (12 in x 4 in)

Readout Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 156 mm x 95 mm x 57 mm (6.14 in x 3.74 in x 2.24 in)


  • HI-4416 Digital Remote Readout
  • 2 m Fiber Optic Cable
  • Custom Fitted Carrying Case
  • Battery Charger
  • Calibration Certificate
  • User Manual

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Key Features

  • Large Dynamic Range
  • Wide Frequency Response
  • Isolated Remote Readout with Logging Function
  • Meets Swedish MPR Band I and II Requirements

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