​ETS-Lindgren's Model HI-3702 Clamp-on Induced Current Meter measures RF induced body currents using a clamp-on current sensor, sized for a comfortable fit to ankles or arms. This design allows measurements to be taken while walking or climbing. The HI-3702 uses fiber optic technology to eliminate perturbations of the field, and a thermally-based true RMS-DC converter circuit improves measurement accuracy.

The frequency response from 9 kHz to 70 MHz covers the major part of ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1999 frequency range.  The 2 to 1000 mA range covers the full C95.1 requirement with 10X over range capability for extreme measurement situations. The HI-3702 also meets the ENV 501662 European Pre-standard for Human Exposure to EMF.

Key Product Information

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Dynamic Range: 2 to 1000 mA 
Frequency Response: 9 kHz to 70 MHz
Weight Sensor: 2.25 kg (5 lb) 
Readout: 0.45 kg (1 lb)
Battery Charger: For NiCad battery in Sensor and Readout
  • HI-4416 Digital Remote Readout
  • 2 m (6.56 ft) Fiber Optic Cable
  • Custom Fitted Carrying Case
  • Battery Charger
  • User Manual
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Extended Length Optical Cable (up to 100m)
  • HI-4433P RS-232 Fiber to Serial Converter
  • HI-4413USB Fiber to USB Converter
  • Belt-pack Readout/Control Unit Case

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Key Features

  • Wide Frequency Response (9 kHz to 70 MHz) 
  • Eliminates Concern Over Foot Contact and Body Orientation 
  • Monitors Induced Current While Standing, Walking, or Climbing
  • Thermally Based True RMS Converter Circuit for Increased Accuracy

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