​ETS-Lindgren's Model HI-1801 Microwave Oven Survey Meter is a durable, compact and portable insturment for accurately measuring microwave oven radiation. The HI-1801 Microwave Oven Survey Meter is especially suited for appliance service applications, ideal for public health agencies and service technicians to check microwave oven radiation leakage. ​The CHECK feature on the HI-1801 allows the user to determine that the microwave oven and meter are both operating properly. 

Key Product Information

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Frequency: 2450 MHz 
Overload Capacity: 2.0 W/cm2 
Range: 1 to 10 mW/cm2
Cable Length: 1.2 m (3.94 ft) 
Probe Length: 30 cm (11.81 in) 
Shipping Weight: 2.3 kg (5 lb)
  • Microwave Oven Survey Meter
  • Plastic Beaker, 600 ml.
  • Carry Case
  • User Manual
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Spacer Cone/Shield Kit

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Key Features

  • CHECK Feature
  • Single Range, 1 to 10 mW/cm2
  • Low Battery Indicator

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