Calibration Services
A Dedication to Service

ETS-Lindgren’s Calibration Team includes trained technicians led by experienced engineers using state-of-the-art equipment. Our A2LA-accredited Calibration Laboratory (Lab Cert #1207.01) is equipped with calibrated instrumentation traceable to National Metrology Institutes (NMI), several anechoic chambers, test cells, and an 80 m x 50 m welded steel ground plane for antenna calibration.

ETS-Lindgren also has the expertise to offer the antenna pattern measurement technique as described in CISPR 16-1-6: 2017 Annex I. This is the measurement method required to demonstrate that an antenna complies with the patterns found in CISPR 16-1-4 for test site validation. Additionally, CISPR requires periodic verification of the antenna patterns of the antennas used for test site validations.

Our dedication to service supporting your business is evidenced by the new Fast-5 calibration program, which provides a 5-day turnaround time for all standard calibrations.

ETS-Lindgren calibrates ALL brands of antennas and offers basic repair of many components (including antennas, probes, and current clamps) as needed and pre-approved. All calibrations are accompanied with a signed certificate and may be supplied with correction factors (where applicable) in electronic format, for easy loading into your computerized instrumentation and software. When providing calibration services for equipment not manufactured by ETS-Lindgren, statements of conformity are based on the manufacturer’s published specifications. Measurement uncertainty is not applied when determining compliance to limits or tolerance specifications.

With our Calibration Service Plus! Program, ETS-Lindgren handles all of the scheduling and logistics involved with calibrating your antennas, probes, LISNs, current clamps, couplers, and attenuators. All for a special discounted program price. Start saving time and money with Calibration Service Plus! by requesting a quote today.

With ETS-Lindgren's experience as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of EMC test chambers, our Customer Care Team has a thorough understanding of your test applications. This unique first-hand perspective on how our customers intend to use the devices we calibrate for them results in the optimal calibration service for the application. If you have questions on customized calibrations or specific calibration requirements, please contact us via the “Ask a Question” link below.