Our Solutions
Pushing Beyond Limits

For magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), radio frequency (RF) testing, and acoustic measurement, ETS-Lindgren provides solutions that create isolated environments to prevent unwanted energy from entering or leaving. At satellite offices all across the globe, our engineers and technicians share knowledge from a broad range of disciplines with the best ideas coming together to create unique solutions that go beyond known limits and surpass the grasp of most peer companies. With ETS-Lindgren, there’s no need to accept a “one size fits all” solution when your requirements don’t fit a predefined template. Over the years, ETS-Lindgren has earned the reputation as the best certification proof company in the industry – with many respected certification labs using our systems to release to manufacturers. Bottom line, when things get complicated, ETS-Lindgren is the reliable partner that more driven companies turn to for innovations in Acoustics, Wireless, RF Testing, EMC and Medical.